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Energy saving charcoal stoves

Energy saving charcoal stoves

Charcoal stoves in Uganda are probably one of the most recognized and widely used kitchen appliances in the Nation. Since the 1920’s, EnviroCook Stoves are widely used as ever and are fast becoming more user friendly and more energy efficient every year.

Cooking with charcoal provides an even heat source that is also very cheap and reliable in comparison to gas/electricity. Given the multiple uses of a good EnviroCook Stoves; cooking, drying clothes, space heating etc. they are a must-have item in any Ugandan kitchen. And with their use of charcoal which is derived from trees, switching to an efficiently designed EnviroCook Stoves saves time, money and our forests. (We also stock indigenous tree seeds for planting your own future charcoal source)

The EnviroCook Stoves enable you to cook two or more meals at the same time. The EnviroCook Stovesseries feature multiple burners. This means that you can cook even more with less fuel.

Why opt for our EnviroCook Stoves?

Financial benefits

Dramatically reduce your firewood and electric bill EnviroCook Stove can drastically reduce your monthly firewood bill and electricity bill by 50-70%. This drastically improves your bottom line as an institution.

Environmental benefits

Reduce your carbon footprint
Our EnviroCook Stoves reduce the amount of fuel and in specific firewood by supplying your home or institution with clean, renewable energy from biomass. By using less firewood and providing more energy and lasting longer than other brands.

Improves indoor air quality
Unlike the open fire option of cooking food for institutions which pollutes the kitchen with smoke, our Mama Safi Stoves feature a chimney system which eliminates 90% of this smoke. This means that the kitchen can be kept clean. The smoke free environment will also mean that you will avoid respiratory illnesses caused by Indoor Air Pollution.

Non-toxic materials
EnviroCook Stoves are made from high quality stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, bricks, and fire proof cement among other non-toxic materials.

Efficient Cooking of Food
Our EnviroCook Stoves cook food very fast. The brick lined Energy Saving Stoves absorb the heat and retain it cooking food faster than ordinary cookers which lose heat to the surroundings. This means that little firewood is used in turn saving a fortune in wood fuel costs and concomitantly contributes to environmental conservation.